We are honored and pleased to announce that our close partner, the Swedish Institute of Circular Economy and Eco Innovations (CEEII), within the framework of the principles of the Circular Economy, has developed a unique digital recycling application, based on active consumer participation.

This application offers cash or other incentives to all those who participate in this collective effort.

The strategy of the Institute is to collect the plastic waste, to regenerate into plastic granules with the highest possible standards and to produce new recyclable plastic products.

In this way, they create the  conditions for materials that are usually characterized as waste with destination either to be buried in landfills or to be used for incineration, to start their new life cycle according to strict LCA criteria.

The active members of the Institute, under the guidance of the  volunteers, are informed through the digital system about the measurable benefits for the whole society, saving valuable natural resources, protecting the environment and tackling the problem of climate change.


The application is available in Kenya for Android mobiles (soon for iOS mobiles also).

The name of the app in Google Play is : CEEII Recycle and Reward 

The website is : www.ceeii.org